Saturday, September 24, 2011

Starting Power Training on Monday

I'm really excited to be starting Men's Health Power Training by Robert dos Remedios on Monday.  The program comes highly recommended both by reviewers on Amazon and by members of JP Fitness forums.  Honestly, I like the plain and very clear writing and the philosophy behind the programs in the book is solid.  There are a dozen different exercises in this book that you plug into a prescribed framework which means that you can mix and match infinitely and never get bored.  Here's what I've chosen:

Full-Body Workout for Strength Training (Weeks 1-3)

Workout A
Explosive: Power Clean
Knee Dominant: Front Squat
Hip Dominant: SL Rom DL
Horizontal Push: Bench Press
Horizontal Pull: 1-arm standing cable row
Vertical Push: Push Jerk
Vertical Pull: Side to side pull up
Rotational: Seated Russian Twist
Bridging: 3-pt. Plank

Workout B
Explosive: Power Snatch
Knee Dominant: Drop Lunge
Hip Dominant: Good Morning
Horizontal Push: Standing Cable Chest Press
Horizontal Pull: Modified T-Bar Row
Vertical Push: DB alternating press
Vertical Pull: Single Arm Lat pulldown
Rotational: Corkscrew
Bridging: Plank Walk Up
Each workout is going to be pretty long since I am still trying to keep to my three times a week lifting schedule and each workout includes all these exercise plus a 5-minute warm-up, a mobility circuit and a lifting circuit.  I hope I can keep to three times a week but if the workouts drag on too long, I may have to switch to a four-time a week program.  

I had hoped to try a CrossFit class last Thursday but Z2 got a pretty bad respiratory virus and had difficulty breathing.  We ended up at the hospital for 2 nights and I missed the class.  I was kind of bummed about that but very happy that my baby felt so much better after his hospital stay.  I guess I will try a CrossFit class once I'm done with the 12 weeks of PT.  

So here's what the week looks like in terms of fitness:

Long-ish run in 2:2 work:rest intervals (for the duration of the Paleo challenge, I'm going to forego 1-2 hour runs in favor of shorter, interval runs
PT workout A--short cardio such as skipping rope (?)--we'll see how it goes
Interval workout and/or yoga and foam roll
PT Workout B--short cardio such as skipping rope (?)--we'll see how it goes
Sprints on the track (1:2 work:rest intervals) and yoga
PT Workout A--short cardio such as skipping rope (?)--we'll see how it goes
Yoga/foam roll

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