Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yesterday was my 30th birthday.  It was a nice day despite the fact that it was rainy all day.  I appreciated all the birthday wishes and I just appreciated making it to 30 at all!  

The day started out nicely with our Solstice celebration although I don't think the kids were thrilled with the gifts they got.  I wasn't sure what to get them (or if to get them gifts at all)... they have so many toys that are just sitting there and that they don't play with that I didn't want to buy more.  We just don't have the space.  So I gave elder son a Snap Circuits Set and a Magnetic Poetry Kids set. And I gave younger son his own Leapster system and Magnetic Poetry Really Big words.   I won't say it didn't hurt my feelings how non-enthused they were.  But literally, they have a whole bin full of toys and the bin can go untouched for weeks at a time.  So I think I did the right thing in terms of buying educational type stuff and another Leapster (which will cut down on the fighting between them).  I have to admit: it's pretty frustrating trying to unplug from materialism and commercialism--it is all around.  I haven't done gifts for the boys before and so this holiday was about trying to redefine it for myself.  Feeling let down at how the gifts were received makes me wonder if I should make gift giving part of the experience at all.  

And then my friend made me a flourless chocolate cake which was delicious.  She put fresh whipped cream on top and it tasted divine.  But today, my tummy is not doing so hot . . . I'm pretty sure sugar is a no-no for me.  (((sigh))) But I really enjoyed eating it and I appreciated the thoughtfulness even more.  When you are paleo/gluten-free, you don't expect folks to make considerations for you so it felt amazing to be considered.  Next month, I am going to go sugar-free again (no honey, no maple syrup or stevia).  

The hubby also took off so I took the time to go to an introductory meeting for Transcendental Meditation.  It took 40 mins. one way to get there.  The meeting was about 1 1/2 hours.  It will require a significant financial investment to learn the technique ($1,500) and also a significant time investment (1 1/2- 2 hours 4 days in a row).  I would basically need to find someone to watch my kids for a 4 hour block of time for 4 days straight (which costs money), drive for almost two hours (which costs gas and I hate driving) and then on top of all that pay $1.5K.  So I don't know.  I'm interested in it because I need an effective and easy to implement meditation technique for stress reduction but thinking of all I need to do to even learn it is pretty stressful so it kind of defeats the purpose, wouldn't you say?

Yesterday's workout was the Bubble Butt Workout from Body Rock TV but I substituted step-ups the v-ups (no jackknife movements with a diastasis).  Time was 18:35.  Not bad.  Today, I am totally not in the mood to workout plus Z2 is awake.  We found a deer tick in his ear on Tuesday and I'm watching him closely and hoping he doesn't develop a fever or start to act weird.  Being up this early is weird but he is being himself so that's a good thing.  


HeadPatternista said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had an enjoyable day.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!

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