Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a Sh*tty Job (Literally!) but someone's got to do it . . .

Teaching Z1 to use the toilet, that is. I'm doing it cold turkey, folks. He's going COMMANDO. I started last Friday. Three days into it and he doesn't seem any closer to grasping the concept. We've had plenty of misses, ya'll. I mean, plenty of misses. Misses of all kinds, if you catch my drift. Misses he's actually stepped in. Misses that make me wonder if I know what the hell I'm doing. But I would rather keep taking him to the toilet every 30 mins. and cleaning up misses than change any more "grown man poop" diapers. I am holding on to the hope that in 2 to 3 weeks, he will have mastered using the toilet. I'm bribing--I mean, giving incentives with Spiderman briefs, ya'll. "Hey Z1, if you use the toilet, you get to wear these!" How desperate do I sound?

Once Z1 has learned to use the toilet, I'm going to start natural infant hygiene (elimination communication or EC) with Z2. No way on God's green earth will Z2 be in diapers till he's almost three. You know, I believe EC is the most eco-friendly and baby-friendly way of dealing with what is a human being's natural elimination processes. Sure I use cloth diapers but it takes water and energy to wash them and the older a child gets, the more disgusting and stinky diaper changes get. It bothers me that my kids sit/have sat in diapers going on themselves. I'm the first to admit that diapers are a modern day convenience that I'm sometimes grateful for. I'm swift to change a soiled diaper--even after one wet. It saddens me how comfortable Z1 is eliminating on himself so I want to get Z2 out of diapers as soon as possible.

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