Thursday, June 26, 2008

About to start some new projects!

I'm always excited about starting new projects. Sure, I have a blanket I've been crocheting since January that still needs a border. Okay, sure, I have a scarf that I've been knitting since before Z2 was born. But I'm tired of those projects and I want to start something new!

So, after looking on Ravelry ad nauseum, I've decided on the Child's Placket Sweater from Last Minute Gifts and Branching Out from Knitty. For the sweater, I'm going to be using two skeins of Auracania Nature Wool that my sister gifted me. It is a lovely blue-green color that I think will look really nice knitted up into a sweater for Z2. For Branching Out, I'm going to be using Classic Elite Wool BamBoo in a beautiful pumpkin. I think I purchased 3 skeins for $10 on Ebay which was a fabulous deal! I used it to make a Bainbridge Scarf not too long ago and the yarn is really a pleasure to work with. I thought I only had one skein left (not really enough to do much) but when I checked my stash to my happy surprise, I've got two!

I generally choose to do two projects at once. One is a little laid back and mindless while the other requires my concentration. The placket sweater is the "mindless" project that I can work on while the children are up and about. The scarf is the one I will work on after they've gone to bed.

I also want to crochet myself a small hairnet to cover my hair when I go out. Wrapping my hair (no matter how light the fabric) causes my scalp to get really itchy and irritated. I found some Patons Grace yarn (100% mercerized cotton) in my stash (I have some black, blue and a tiny bit of purple). I think I'll use the black because it's the most versatile. This is another "mindless" project, even more so than the sweater. I could be finished the hairnet in a day or so. I doubt that will happen though.

It's great to use up more yarn from my stash! I'm going to get started tonight.

Oh, P.S., the "absolute best homemade veggie burgers" I blogged about a while back are really the absolute best! ;)

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I am the sum of my parts said...

Very nice. I have to learn to make the page boy hat.

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