Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Branching Out Scarf and a New Project

So I completed the Branching Out Scarf and it presented a bit of a challenge without driving me nuts. It was my first lace knitting pattern (I've crocheted lots of lace).

2 skeins Classic Elite Wool BamBoo
Size 8 circular needles
Started June 27, 2008
Finished July 14, 2008
If you're on Ravelry, see more details here.

I learned the value of lifelines when you're knitting fairly complex patterns that would be difficult to frog back. The yarn is luscious and it came out really nicely although I can spot some errors.

I'm ready to move on to my next knitting challenge which are socks. I'm going to be working on Monkey, another Knitty pattern. The yarn is Regia Silk in Venezia (181). I bought 4 skeins thinking I was going to do Clessidra but I think since Clessidra is a cabled pattern, the variegated Regia Silk will just look too busy. But I still really want knee highs so I'm just going to do more repeats of the Monkey pattern to get a knee high sock. I have no idea when I'll cast on. I'm still working on the Placket sweater and I'm almost up to the sleeves. It's certainly no rush.

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