Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Idea for a story

I've been writing a story in my head. I've already come up with the plot that is loosely based on my experiences vis-a-vis marrying someone of whom my family disapproved. I will need to do some research though. I would like to read about and speak to Muslim women who converted (reverted) as adults especially those who became devout and decided to embrace hijab (head covering/face covering, etc) and what it was like professionally and in terms of family.

My first children's story is edited down from 9 pages to 5. I originally wanted to try to publish it as a book but in light of the fact that a book similar to mine has already been published (although there are, as my friend pointed out, very big differences in the storytelling). I am going to find some magazines geared towards 8-10 year olds and maybe even older and submit the story there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it to be published. That would be a huge boost.

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