Friday, October 10, 2008

How are you coping spiritually/mentally . . .

In light of this impending economic collapse?

How are you staying balanced and not panicking?
The hubby and I finally sat down and really looked at our books. Thank God for savings. We are hardly breaking even. Groceries have skyrocketed--I bought 5 lbs of flour for 3.50 last month. The same bag of flour was $4.50 last time I went. I am not kidding. This damn car payment. The mortgage. Incidentals and Accidentals. I'm regretting every purchase I've made over the past few months even though intellectually I know that I'm not a frivolous spender. But maybe I could have waited on that Vitamix (though it is really facilitating the green smoothies and I feel really good inside--better than I have in a long time--the other blender wasn't so bad, was it?). And why didn't I put an end to organic groceries month ago? Boy, the belt has just gotten tighter. Feels like a damn girdle. DH is working madd overtime. I'm looking for a way to bring in some kind of income without going back to work full time (would any one even hire me?).

So, I really need to get back to doing my journaling with discipline. Doing my affirmations. Something to help me stay balanced and not panic.

Was going to blog about pasta and tofu "meat" balls. Maybe tomorrow. I'm tired. And worried.


foreverloyal said...

I know, groceries are no joke.

I am dumbfounded by the price of bread so I have gone back to making it myself.

Have you put in a little garden?

mamak said...

I just want to tell you I enjoy reading your blog. I too am a wife and mama who cares about good,healthy pesticide-free foods and as a one income family am finding it very difficult to continue buying all organic. I do feel that produce is so important organic. I too am concerned about our collapsing economy.

Hagar's Daughter said...

I am tracking my spending like an obsessive-compulsive person. I buy enough gas for the week and set a spending limit on groceries. I will not stop buying organic unless it comes to my having to choose between shelter and food.
I am afraid to eat the other stuff.

I don't have kids to feed and I tip my hat to those who are raising families with one parent staying home full time.

Even in double income homes, we feel the pinch of this economy. I am not planning any vacations in the next few years. When I need to get away it will be locally, at the beach or in the mountains no farther than 40 miles.

Chi-Chi said...

@foreverloyal--yeah, I can't even stomach the price of bread. Just the other day, I wanted some bread but didn't have time to bake it. I couldn't bring myself to pay that much. We're putting in a garden for next year. DH just built a composting thing.

@mamak--thank you for dropping by my blog. Yes, as a mother and wife, it is a difficult place to be in. My son loves peaches and being a toddler means he's very selective about what he eats. Granted, peaches are going out of season but you still see them from time to time. I can get conventional peaches, maybe 4 for $2 at the local fruit and veggie store (5 mins. walking distance). Organic, sometimes, I get 1 or 2 for $2 and I have to drive about 20 minutes to get them. And peaches are some of the most heavily sprayed crops. What a choice to make!

@hagar's daughter--yeah, the times, I would think, would make everyone a little more cautious if not obsessive!! I know I am. I can't even believe I am making the choice between organic or non-organic. It is truly a humbling experience that reminds me to give thanks that I'm not making the decision between food and shelter.

The juggling act of being a SAHM is one that is wearisome at times. Mental exercises and serious discipline just to make ends meet. No extras. I have to remind myself every day why I am a SAHM.

I hear you about the local vacations. I've been wanting so much to get back out to Arizona and see my family out there and enjoy the beauty/atmosphere but . . . the most we can do is the beach and other "stay-cations".

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