Monday, January 26, 2009

Every craftsperson . . .

. . . falls into one of four categories when it comes to how they organize their tools and supplies:
  1. organized and neat--Clever storage tactics mean that everything has a place and goes back to that place whenever she is finished. Tools and supplies are quickly and easily located. Nothing is hanging out of things or disheveled.
  2. organized and messy--The craftsperson is indeed organized but to someone looking in, it looks a hot mess. Stuff is everywhere and one really wouldn't know what's going on. But the craftsperson is able to quickly and easily locate tools and supplies.
  3. disorganized and neat--Clever and cute storage tactics hide the fact that the craftsperson has no idea where things are and goes on a rampage to find tools and supplies whenever a new project idea hits
  4. disorganized and messy--Everything looks a hot mess. Everything is a hot mess. Starting a new project means starting the project of locating supplies and untangling stuff.
I like to think that I'm somewhere between 1 and 2.

Knitting roll that I sewed
Used fabric left over from a ring sling I sewed. Holds Double Pointed Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks

Plastic Pencil Case
Holds knitting/crochet implements (tape measure, scissors, cable needles, stitch markers, knit-chek, stitch holders, etc)

Photo Album
Holds circular knitting needles

Miscellaneous straight and circular needles

and my Denise Set

which are stored in my 3-drawer Sterilite storage unit with purple storage tote for completed work next to it

How I carry my works in progress around . . . (no I didn't sew it)

Works in progress that stay home . . .

Somewhat organized patterns . . .
Clear multi-pocket portfolio with patterns stuffed in it (I'm leaning more towards Category 2 with this one)

Not bad, I think.


Loren Gaffin said...

I do not know what category I would fit into according to your description. I have most of my yarn stored in plastic tubs, but neglected to label them. Plus, I have so many tubs, I cannot move around in my studio. In addition, I need to purchase more bookcases, but they would take up a lot of room. I may have to expand to the basement.

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

I think folks can be a mix Loren. I know I am. I'd love to have more space to craft too, a devoted studio. Expanding the basement seems like a great idea.

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