Sunday, July 26, 2009

FO: Seraphina Shawl

Remember when I mentioned I had something to show but I couldn't yet because it was a gift? Well, the gift has been given! It was for my sister-in-law who visited a week ago. It was a joy to make because I think (or hope at least) that it will be put to good use. Also, it was a wonderful project because the crochet movement was fluid and the pattern was easy to memorize. Oh, and the yarn was great! I got the yarn super inexpensively at the Smiley's Yarn store sale--220 yards of super soft wo
ol yarn for $2.00. That price can't be beat! [The hubby was able to get all kinds of natural fiber yarns for below half price (I got him into the wonderfulness of wools, cottons, silks, etc . . . )]. So, the project was great all around. Here's it is on Ravelry.

Funny story: You know that having kids kills off brain cells. It has to. I had this shawl packaged and ready to go weeks before my sister-in-law arrived. Would you believe I forgot to give it to her before she left? Do you know when I remembered? Two days after she was back home!! I had to mail it. Doh!!! And it's so true . . . crochet uses more yarn than knitting. It cost me almost $8 to send this. I've sent similar knit items as far away as California for about $5. But I still love my crochet especially for projects like this.

Any . . . without further ado, my Seraphina Shawl!

On another note, have you ever realized suddenly that someone doesn't particularly care for you? You know, it took you a little while and then it just all of a sudden struck you? And then you're kind of embarrassed because it now seems so obvious? Why didn't you pick that up sooner? And then you start wondering why they don't particularly like you. What did you do? What did you say? And then you realize that you don't really care in the first place. Life goes on.

On another note still, if ANYONE can give me a straight-forward tutorial (no technological gibberish) on adding pictures to Blogger with a Mac, I would be eternally grateful. Right now, it's just incredibly frustrating and stupid. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

this shawl is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and i will be going to smiley's this week to get some yarn and attempt this shawl. thank you so much for the picture AND pattern. you've just solved my dilemma of what to create next.

Sabrina said...

The shawl is gorgeous! Alas I don't crochet...but I'm trying to teach myself, sort of. I think that will be my first project after I make a granny square, lol

tifi said...

It's beautiful! I plan on knitting my first shawl this fall.

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Liberationtheory, thank you! You'll love smiley's. Not a lot of natural fibers but the ones they do have are priced right. Glad I could be inspiration for the next project!

Sabrina, thanks! It's a great first crochet project . . . really simple but with great results.

tifi . . . I can't wait to see the shawl although I'd love to see an knitted baby blanket!! Congrats again! :)

River Glorious said...

Your stitches are very well done, nice and even. The color is perfect, and so is the size.

Good job there, dearie.

River Glorious said...

P.S. Do you still need help with posting pictures using an iMac? I have one.

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