Monday, August 10, 2009

Movies these days . . .

I feel like most of the movies produced these days are a waste of time. Like music, very few individuals are interested in putting out quality films: works of art that reflect their heart and soul and demonstrate time, energy and commitment. It's like one huge rush to put out any old garbage and collect lots of money in return. And what does it say about our society that this works time and time again?

Well, yesterday evening the hubby and I watched a movie. Now, I'm not a movie person to begin with but the hubby is a die hard movie fanatic. It was a choice between Not Easily Broken starring Morris Chestnut or Obsessed starring Idris Elba and Beyonce Knowles. We chose Obsessed because I can't take the Christian-themed movies.

Wow. What a disaster of a movie. It was so trite that I had to prevent myself from constantly rolling my eyes. This movie made no sense! If you don't know the plot, let me see if I can break it down for you succinctly. Handsome, successful Black man happily married to beautiful Black woman. One day, this man runs into a White woman who is a temp at his office. From the very beginning, there are hints of "something" going down. But alas, Black man keeps it very professional although he can't help but noticing White woman's "hotness". White woman is crazy as hell and reads all kinds of signals that aren't there. Forces herself on Black man multiple times and is rejected each and every time. White woman goes beserk and even tries to drug Black man into having her. It doesn't work. She tries to kill herself but fails. Black man, all the while, has inexplicably kept mum about White woman's antics telling no one except his immature coworker making himself look incredibly guilty. Wife finds out about the whole "situation" in the emergency room where they are trying to revive crazy White chick. Black woman kicks Black man out of the house, outraged at his betrayal. Eventually Black woman takes Black man back only to find that White woman is really deranged and not out of the picture. White woman "kidnaps" Black couple's son (but not really--she just leaves him in the car--okay, I have to take a break from this narrative to rant . . . I don't know about ya'll but there is just no way in hell some strange White woman would go into my son's bedroom, rouse him from sleep and hold him and caress him and walk out of the house with him without him screaming bloody murder . . . I mean, he'd be hysterical . . . the babysitter would just know something wasn't right . . . but alas, this is the movies and you shouldn't think too hard . . . back to the story). Black woman gets "gangsta" (momentarily) and decides to beat the bitch down. Girlfight ensues. At the last moment when White woman is about to drop to her death, Black woman has compassion and tries to save her (who knows why) but alas, White woman is more "gangsta" and tries to pull Black woman down with her. Struggle ensues. White women eventually falls but is still alive. Until the chandelier drops on top of her. Black woman grimaces and says, "Oh, God." Oh, please.

I kept thinking there would be some kind of twist to this movie, some kind of complexity. Like we would find out that Idris Elba's character really was doing this White woman and that we, like everyone else in the movie, had been fooled into believing he was innocent. That somehow it would come out that he was indeed leading this crazy White chick on. Nope.

I was not sure if the movie producers meant to convey something with the whole Black man/White woman thing. And, man, Beyonce's acting was beyond horrible. I mean . . . wow. I was just floored by the mediocrity. It really was like watching a full-length music video--all her expressions and body movements. Even the way she walked throughout the movie--borrowed from music videos. Was Sanaa Lathan not available? What about Gabrielle Union? These actresses could have perhaps saved this movie. But I get it . . . it was a weak plot and they needed a big name to get folks to see it. Again, money, money, money. Forget about art and telling a good story.

Anyway, I'm not mad. The hubby and I spent a pleasant evening together and got a few good laughs in.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the first mistake was in trying to choose between two crappy movies. However, crappy movies are sometimes good for an unintended laugh and ensuing rant.

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Absolutely right!!! I'm so happy I watched The Secret Life of Bees recently or else I would have given up all hope!!

Anonymous said...

I am hanging my head in shame as I confess that I actually saw that movie in a theatre (what was I thinking?)....I left there wanting my money back.

It didn't make any sense and I agree that had we learned that the hubby was in fact stepping out that it would have made for a better movie.

Don't even get me started in Bey, other than to say get that girl some acting lessons. LOL

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