Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Secret Life of Bees

What a fantastic movie! I watched it a few weeks ago but never got a chance to blog about it. When it first came out, it was reviewed by Anxious Black Woman. I didn't want to read her review though until I actually got to watch it. I mean, if not for this movie, I would say the whole movie industry right now is completely useless but this movie proves that folks are still interested in quality stuff. I highly, highly recommend this movie. Even the hubby who had written it off as a chick flick thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not a movie person by any stretch of the imagination but this is one movie that I would actually buy. It is a powerful alternative to a lot of the garbage out there and provides uplifting and moving images of well-rounded, multi-dimensional, classy and intelligent Black women.


Anonymous said...

I second ypur review!

Anonymous said...

It was a good movie indeed. I agree with your review.

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