Friday, December 18, 2009

I started Weight Watchers!

I signed up yesterday but today I've really been trying to figure things out.  Initially, I thought I'd go for the online only program but I think I will also go to meetings at least for the first few months.  So many folks have had positive things to say about the program and since I'm very ready to drop the weight, I'm excited to really get into it.

Today, I had 28 points to use.  I entered all the food I ate (and will eat today) and ended up with 32.5 points which means I went over.  I entered all the food I will eat tomorrow and have 2.5 points left over if I stick to it.  I think it's really helpful for me to think about everything I put in my mouth.  Today, I was about to polish off the last of the kids' lunch and I immediately thought, "How many points would this be?" and since I a) didn't want to be bothered looking up the points and b) knew I was over already, I passed.  Accountability, for me, is good.

I will say though, that it feels a little limiting but apparently, thats what I need.  I am really surprised at how much extra stuff I put in my mouth that's not a meal but since it's there, I put it in my mouth.  I'm looking forward to when I would have totally changed how I eat.

My current weight is 158 pounds.  My ultimate goal is to reach and maintain 130 pounds.  Right now, that's kind of lofty so my first goal is to go down to 150.1 pounds.

Luckily, my tea is only 1 point.  Since it's so cold, I've been having 2 to 3 cups a day.  That my be where tomorrow's leftover points go.

So I've started to work on one of 2010 goals already.  I think that's a good sign.


Shay said...

It will feel limiting at first but I wanted to say as someone who has been a Weight Watcher since 2006. don't sweat going over points. As you know I took off almost 50 lbs and have kept it off almost 2 years now but I always went over points.

The key at least for me was to starting thinking about what I ate and being intentional about food. Like you mentioned, you almost ate yout kid's lunch...the thing I have learned is to be mindful and limit the mindless eating.

Rarely do I feel deprived anymore and believe me I eat what I want, but I also plan. If its a baking day then I know I want to taste the treats so that will be a day I eat in a healthy way that will allow that to happen.

As for goals, I know when I started the initial goal was to lose 10% then set your goal. I thought it was changed to 5% but whatever it is actually I think it works to take it in the recommended increments.

Good luck!

The Original Wombman said...

thanks Shay.

Bient├┤t Maman said...

Congrats on starting Weight Watchers! I always go over my points but I think that as long as you are mindful of your eating and getting in activity, you will be fine. Doing the Weight Watchers plan has really helped me with portion control and mindless eating. I can't wait to hear more about your weight loss journey! I'll be working the plan right along with you. :)

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