Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jump, Baby, Jump!!

As you know, I've been looking for ways to change my workout routine to make it more challenging.  I got a aerobic step bench on Freecycle and I've been rocking it.  I find it to be a lot of fun (i.e. learning the routines) and I really work up a sweat and get my heart going.

I was thinking to myself, "What else could I add to the mix?" and it hit me:  jumping rope.  I have a beaded jumprope that I've had since I was about 12 years old.  It's an excellent quality rope and I already have it--no money spent.  I googled jump rope exercise and discovered that they have a jump rope workout on DVD (of course--why was I surprised?).  Also turns out that it happens to be right there at my local library.  So I picked it up.  It's called RopeSport and the one I got is the Basic Video.  Now the little 15 minute introductory workout on this DVD is really a joke.  It's more stretching and breathing than really working out.  What's truly valuable about this DVD, though, is that it teaches you techniques and various jump styles as well as discusses the proper length of the rope and how you should be holding it to get the maximum benefit.   So what I did this morning instead of following the DVD was to do 30 second intervals alternating between jumping and resting.  I was trying all the different styles of jumping and learning that some are more intense/more complex than others.  One instructor on the DVD claims you can get the same benefit without a rope.  That's simply not true.  You really have to make more an effort to clear a rope.  I found that if I got tired (towards the end of 30 second interval), I would just clear the rope or not clear it at all and so I had to put that much more energy into it.  I'm hoping to work my way up to 3-4 minutes continuous jumping.  Overall, it was a fun workout I'm going to stick with.  A plus is that I felt very comfortable doing my own thing without any instruction--maybe because I jumped so much rope as a child.  It just felt natural.

So I've got my step and my jumprope.  The hubby also has this AirClimber thing I was clowning him about because it makes so much wheezing noise. But I think I may give that a try too.  The most important thing right now, I think, is to get a heart rate monitor so that whatever I'm doing, I know that I'm on point.

I still want to get P90X but I keep thinking about the money, money, money but P90X wil probably be my next step once I master step aerobics, jumping rope and air climbing.  :) All that combined with Weight Watchers, i.e. re-figuring how I eat should help me reach my 2010 fitness goals, which I will be posting  on my sidebar soon.

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Nathan said...

I have completed a P90X round and am in the midst of completing an Insanity round. Both of these programs are great and I have had great success with both. Insanity would be perfect for people who jump rope. Are you a Beachbody Coach? I don't see anywhere on your site saying you are. To learn more go to and click on the "Coach" tab. You get discounts on the products and the chance to earn money. I like doing it as it keeps me accountable to working out. Feel free to contact me about it. Stick with P90X. I went from doing 2 total pull ups with legs and back to 82 at the end of 90 days. Bring it!

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