Sunday, May 23, 2010

I ran today!

I (mostly) ran about 4 miles today in a little under an hour.  I would probably have been able to run more if my ankles didn't start hurting.  I know I need a good pair of running shoes but I honestly don't want to put out the money right now.  We just (finally) put a new roof on the house and we still need a gate to keep Z2 from running out into the street.  I wanted to get Z2 a tricycle with a handle because he wants to ride so badly but really can't.  The tricycle would give him the feel of riding and it converts into a regular tricycle.  That's not an absolute need right now, though and in all reality, we actually have about 2 or 3 various trikes around here none of which really do either Z1 or Z2 any good.  Either their legs can't reach the pedals or they tip over easily.  So while it's not a strict necessity, this trike would be nice to have.
I guess running shoes aren't a strict necessity either but I have to say, I really enjoyed it today.  The trail where I ran was totally breathtakingly awesome.  The running was calming and so purgative.  I could see adding running to my fitness routines.  Ah, I'll think on it a few days and see.  

Photo Credit:  "My hideous running shoes" by minorissues on

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Anonymous said...

good job! Are those your shoes in the pic? They look nice.

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