Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Projects in the Kitchen
 Bone Broth
This is the first thing I used my slow cooker for and it turned out wonderfully.  I ordered soup bones from the farm and followed this recipe from Balanced Bites (one of my favorite websites and podcasts).  I try to drink a bit of bone broth at every meal and I want to get the kids on board too.  It's pretty mild tasting (although it has a strong smell).  Next time, I will add some other veggies and spices just for variety.

 Soaking Nuts and Seeds to make Crispy Nuts 
Starting at lower right and going counterclockwise: walnuts, pepitas (melon seeds), almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, cashews)

 Paleo Pizza
I followed this recipe for the crust (but omitted the seasonings).  I made the sauce myself and the cheese is the cheese we get from our farm (made from raw milk produced by grass-fed cows)

Handiwork Projects
 A hat and scarf set I made for my friend's daughter who just turned one.  It's 100% merino wool.  It was a very simple project.  I had wanted it to be a lot more complex but I just couldn't get it together and figure out how to make it work.  So basically it's a hat that uses double crochet stitch with a shell stitch border at the brim and a silver satin ribbon accent.  The scarf is double crocheted as well with a shell motif down the center and a shell border at each end.  
Hat number two for my friend's daughter.  This project started out as a tool for teaching my crochet class.  By the time the class was over, I had made so much progress, I just decided to keep going.  The flower pattern I used is here and I just embellished it with a pretty button.  

This is the Milanese Hat Topper.  Unfortunately, I don't like how this hat turned out.  It curls too much at the brim and I don't think the yarn did the pattern justice at all.  I ended up giving it away to one of my students.  It was a great knit though: very relaxing.  

So I've been pretty busy!

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