Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Knitting Project and Thanksgiving Cooking

This year, Thanksgiving was at my mom's house. It was my first paleo Thanksgiving and as far as that goes, it was really easy.  I basically ate turkey and vegetables (although I did sample some moi-moi which is made from black-eyed peas and a bit of jollof rice). This was my first attempt at paleo-friendly and vegan sweet potato pie.  This was the crust which was made with almond meal, coconut flour, coconut oil, sea salt and some cold water.  I pressed it into my baking dish and it stuck together just fine:

Here was the completed pie:

It was very, very good.  I basically used my old sweet potato pie recipe and switched out the organic can sugar for maple syrup and added some coconut flour to hold it together.  This was pretty experimental so I don't have a recipe to share.  I'm a pretty experienced baker at this point so I kind of just knew what to look for and I'm happy to say it turned out so well.  I wasn't sure if I could actually achieve a paleo-friendly AND vegan sweet potato pie but I did and it was great.  

I also made some collard greens which came out very well too. My trick is caramelized onions, lots of fresh garlic, apple cider vinegar, good quality celtic sea salt and liquid smoke seasoning:

Next year, I have to double the amount I make.  It was that good.  

And my latest knitting project, the Helmet Liner.  It was a great little creative project: 
I knitted it using KnitPicks Swish Worsted.  I love the color and the feel of the yarn.  Just beautiful.  And what made it even better was that mid-project, my HiyaHiya interchangeable needles arrived.  These are probably THE BEST knitting purchase I have ever made.  They are just wonderful and I have no complaints at all.  The join is smooth and secure and they came in the most lovely case.  I still have my Denise Set but honestly, I can't imagine choosing those over the HiyaHiya set for any project.  I still don't want to get rid of the Denise Set because they represent to me the day when I became a serious knitter.  

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