Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Knit Hat for the Hubby

One of my friends gave me a skein of Patons Tweed (Aran) yarn over the holidays which the hubby really liked.  I have some dark blue 100% wool yarn I got at the thrift store for ridiculously cheap (like 5 skeins for $1 or something insane like that).  The two yarns paired together really well.  I started the project using Size 8 16" circular needles and the Karlchen pattern for top-down hats for the crown.  I then went into a 3x3 ribbing for the body of the hat.  For the brim, I dropped needle size to 5s, decreased one stitch in each rib, and did an inch or so in 2x2 ribbing.  The hubby really likes it!  I completed it last night and he wore it today.  

Ravelry Link

I'm currently working on a Ridged Lace Cowl which is a pattern that requires me to focus from time to time but is not overly demanding on my mental faculties which is a good thing.  I think once I finish this, I will start working on another scarf of some sort.  I'm thinking maybe something bulky for a change.  We'll see.

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