Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back at the gym.


Today was my first day back at the gym after being out for over a year.  Of course, I had good reason to have been absent but I am a bit surprised it took so long to get back.  I honestly thought that I would have achieved enough balance long before now to have been returned to the gym for six months already.  I guess I underestimated how much a new little one can turn you life topsy turvy.  In any case, I am so thrilled to be back at the gym.  I tried my hardest to work out at home but I realize that even with my best effort, I couldn't make it happen.  There were far too many distractions (dishes, laundry, e-mail, Facebook) and disruptions (children) and I realized I needed to just get out of the house and get into a zone if I was going to make it happen.

I felt a lot of trepidation about returning, though.  I knew I had lost a lot of strength and today I showed just how much.  I found squatting with just the empty Olympic bar to be plenty (when I left off, I was squatting 115 pounds).  I struggled to do push ups (and ended up doing modified ones).  And truth be told, I was also nervous about seeing folks that I had been working out around pre-pregnancy.  I'm a good twenty-five pounds heavier now than I was then.  Twenty-five?  Sheesh.  

I am doing the New Rules of Lifting (you will recall I completed the New Rules of Lifting for Women in 2011).  The program I am doing from that book is called "Man of Constant Obligation" and requires just two lifting sessions a week.  I found today's workout to be good but not quite enough.  I suppose it was a good workout though if the fire in my thighs is any indication.  But, I felt like I still had a lot more in the tank especially in regards to my upper body.  So, I am thinking about redoing New Rules of Lifting for Women although Lou Schuler has a new book, New Rules of Lifting Supercharged (basically an update to the original) which a friend of mine highly recommends.  Truth be told, after putting out $200 to join the gym for the year and another $125 to replace my glasses (which Z3 got a hold of), I don't want to put out any more money just now.  And they don't have the book at the library.  So I am trying to make what I have work.  I also have the Lift Like a Girl Program that I purchased some time ago so I may give that another look.   

I have a lot of work to do and it's a little bit daunting.  I have a lot of strength I need to gain back just so that I can even peek at my pre-pregnancy fitness goals (I cannot even do one chin-up now never mind the goal of 10 that I had).  And I have a lot of weight to lose. Last time, I did it on Weight Watchers and every so often, I am tempted to rejoin.  But losing weight that way wasn't sustainable and was neurotic.  I want to enjoy life and eating.  But even at that, I really don't have a handle on my eating:  way too much grazing and far, far too many sweets.  Daily sweets.  Multi-daily sweets.  (Hush yo mouth.)  So maybe I will rejoin Weight Watchers just for a time to get a better picture of the situation.  Overall, though, my goal is to keep my milk supply up for Z3 so maybe all serious weight loss attempts will have to get pushed back until after she weans.   And I am not rushing her at all. My goal is to exercise regularly for my psychological and physical health. 

They have completely remodeled the gym and it looks great.  Hopefully, it'll be warm in the winter (it used to be an icebox in winter) and cool in the summer (it used to be a sauna in the summer).  They still don't have kettle bells which is a bummer but they do have lots of punching bags so I may invest in boxing gloves. I have no idea where the balance balls, medicine balls and exercise mats went.  And they have rowing machines now but they do not seem to work and seem perilously close to some sheetrock looking stuff.  Oh, and on Wednesdays, there is a 5:30 AM kickboxing class.  I am 98% sure I will join it next week.  My goal is to lift on Monday and Friday and do the kickboxing class on Wednesdays.  If I can get yoga in on any of the other days, that would be really amazing but I am trying to balance my sleep needs with my fitness needs.  I don't want to sacrifice sleep in any way because that will sabotage all my goals in the end.  

Overall,  it was awesme to return to the gym today and I am looking forward to Thursday.  

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Tiffany said...

Good for you getting back to the gym. Hopefully you can get into a routine. Now if only I could get a routine and get myself into the gym.

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