Monday, October 20, 2008

To the Farm

Yesterday, I took the boys to Muscoot Farm some 40 minutes upstate. DH was working all day and I was really hesitant at first to make such a long trip by myself (firstly, because I dislike driving and secondly, because I didn't know just how "farmy" this place would be and you know your girl is a city girl through and through). But it was well worth it. Everything about the trip up was beautiful from the wide open stretches of highway where I could cruise at 70 mph, to the beautiful fall foliage that lined the highway and from which you could see rolling hills of trees in all kinds of majestic colors, to the boys' attitudes and behavior during the drive.

When we arrived, I knew we'd have a good time. Muscoot Farm is more like a farm museum than an actual farm so while there are animals and barns and all that, it's more a recreation of what a farm would be like. There was a small farmer's market (I got suckered into buying some beautiful tomatoes, onions and one sweet potato for $12--I kept thinking how much stuff I could have bought at home for that). There was also pumpkin picking which Z1 thoroughly enjoyed. I tried to get Z2 in on the pumpkin picking action but all he wanted to do was eat the grass (and get pissed off when I took it out of his mouth). Z1 picked out a lovely sugar pumpkin that we will roast and eat tomorrow (the hubby's day off). There was a pile of hay with child size rakes and wheelbarrow. Z1 had a blast tossing himself on the hay, raking it, collecting in the wheelbarrow. He got to do one craft at the crafting section (an origami witch's hat), and, of course, got to get up really close to the horses (very friendly horses), geese, ducks, cows, chickens, STINKY pigs (and cute piglets) and goats. The highlight of the whole day to me was the hayride. Oh, we had a great time!!

But I didn't bring the camera. And the camcorder ran out of juice! I can't wait to go back just so we can capture some memories!!

The ride home was equally as pleasant. The boys slept the whole way even through traffic that extended the trip an extra thirty minutes and slept about another thirty minutes more while I sat parked in front of the house.

I think we'll make this a Fall tradition. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely. Yesterday we went to a corn maze at one of the local farms up here. I swear those places are designed to get is city folk to part with our cash. LOL All sorts of cute foodies items. Thankfully yesterday I only bought some goards to decorate with.

Chi-Chi said...

LoL . . .good for you for showing some self-control!!!

It was indeed lovely! :)

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