Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Discipline Makes Things Easier

I never make new year's resolutions but I do have ongoing goals which I'm trying to achieve. One goal is to lose weight and get fit. It seems like that is everyone's goal though.

Anyway, I slept for 45 extra minutes today. Z1 didn't sleep well at all last night. So I got up, checked my e-mail quickly and then started meditating. I wrote in my journal, "I woke up 45 minutes late today so I won't be able to work out or shower before the boys get up."

But I ended doing both things and I even have a minute to blog.

I've been bullshitting. Blogging is great and I enjoy it immensely. Reading blogs is also highly informative and entertaining. But these two things eat away at what should be my priority--fitness. It's easy to sit down and write and read. I enjoy these things. I don't like exercising though so I bullshit about it and complain I don't have the time.

Dead Prez (<3) recorded a song called "Discipline" which I've always loved but which takes on new significance and meaning as I get older. It is my mantra this year:

Discipline, discipline (practice makes perfect)
Discipline, discipline (Health is wealth)
Discipline, discipline (All things in moderation
Discipline, discipline (Plan your work; work your plan)

I exercised this morning and I feel strong and great. It's challenging to get moving but once you are, your body and soul appreciates it.

My routine
Wake up.
Center self. Write in journal. Read. Meditate. Chant.
If there's time, do all else.

Blogs can wait. E-mail can wait. Message boards can wait.

I can't.

I must say that this is the first day that I've meditated in front of my altar (post and pictures forthcoming) and I am thoroughly amazed and blessed by how focused things became this morning just by being in a set-aside, sacred space. I'm glad that I finally put the altar together. I meditated and then I decided to exercise even though the computer was calling me.

Discipline makes things easier. Organize your life.


Anonymous said...

I need to exercise too, I am good at maintaining my weight loss through diet but I find in general I feel better when I actually exercise. Yet I waste so much time online in part because I just hate exercising.

Ms. Diddy said...

omg girl i feel you on this! i am so damn lazy and i keep making excuses for myself because exercising is really not my favorite thing to do.

Miriam said...

Your blog is so positive. I am loving the direction things are going in the black blogosphere!

Off topic:

Chi-chi, I wish I had known what you said about giving with the left hand at Blow the Trumpet blog.

I think I may have offended an Igbo because I am left handed.

Chi-Chi said...

Miriam, thanks!! It's so interesting that discipline is what's on so many people's mind these days. The times we are in certainly call for discipline so I'm glad we're starting to focus on how we can cultivate discipline in all areas of our lives.

If the Igbo person has been in the West a while, I wouldn't worry about having offended him/her. My mom and dad have been here 28 years and those things don't faze them anymore. If I, who should "know better" on the other hand did that, they wouldn't be so cool about it. So you can ask to see but most likely, the person wouldn't have been too vexed.

Thanks all for dropping by!!!! :)

Bientôt Maman said...

Hey Chi-Chi,

Congrats on starting your journey towards healthier living! Thanks for commenting on my blog. We are all in this together. Healthy eating+exercise=hot mamas in 2009!

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