Friday, January 2, 2009

I Started

A new private blog today.

Basically, I type 10x's faster than I write and so I figured a private blog would be more efficient. I think I'll still keep my journals going but we'll see.

Anyway, the blog is to work out my personal issues and demons and stuff. To vent. To cry. To laugh at ridiculous things. To bug out. To be crazy. To talk some sense into myself. To talk to myself.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya,sometimes you need a space to vent and venting can be cheaper than therapy.

Just make sure you still post here, I love your blog. We need more blogs by crafty natural living sistas.

Anonymous said...

Peace and blessings Chi-Chi

Happy New Year to you, and your family.

I also LOVE your blog. I enjoyed reading your birth stories here.

I hope you continue your blog.

I know what you mean about venting, and working through issues.

I wish you, and your loved ones peace, health, and prosperity this year.

Sister Seeking

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