Thursday, February 12, 2009

Affirmation for My Child's Health

I wrote this affirmation a few years ago. In that year, Z1 fell down stairs and broke his clavicle (collarbone). He also ran his first really high grade fever. To bring it down, I put garlic on his little feet. I guess I didn't put enough oil on his feet first and the garlic blistered them. The fever came down but he was so uncomfortable and didn't want to walk. No mother guilt--I was doing the best I knew how or else I would have done better. Anyway, the kids and I are all fighting off a cold right now (cough and congestion). We're taking our Vitamin C, Zinc, thyme/honey cough syrup but I'm also affirming our quick recovery.

An Affirmation for My Child's Health
My child is a radiant, beautiful, spiritual light being
Housed in a healthy and strong body
His body has the awesome ability to heal itself
I know instinctively how to promote and encourage that healing
His immune system is supported by my powerful thought energy
It easily and effectively fights off dis-ease and illness
Jah within guides me on how to feed him, discipline him, medicate him
I listen.
I focus on nothing but his perfect health.
I block out all fear.
I don't base my reality on what I see but on what I know inside
My child is a radiant, beautiful, spiritual light being
Housed in a healthy and strong body
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VISION Philms said...

and so it is.

Anonymous said...

Ase Ase Ase!

Amara said...

Amen. Blessings and health to you, sis, and my nephews!

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Heart full of thanks for standing with me everyone.

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