Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love in the Everyday

There's love in the everyday
the everyday dish washed
the everyday table set
the everyday meal cooked

There's love in the everyday
the everyday bed made
the everyday diaper changed
the everyday hurt kissed

There's love in the everyday
the everyday encouraging word uttered
the everyday lesson taught
the everyday helping hand offered

There's love in the every day
the everyday load of laundry done
the everyday bath given
the everyday hand held in the dark

There's love in the everyday
the everyday book read
the everyday nose wiped
the everyday game played
the everyday bump and bruise, hunger and thirst nursed away

There's love in the everyday, I say!

It's powerful and monumental
Yet readily overlooked

It's a love that stays at home
Building, ensuring
Peace, Warmth, Stability

It's a love that knows how to give totally
Because it's one that doesn't exclude

It's a love that's true
That identifies with other truths

It's a love that's committed
Despite ridicule
Despite mockery
Despite everything

It's a love, I tell you
That manifests daily
In the mundane
In the ordinary
In the easily taken for granted

It's a love that shines most brilliantly
and in
The Everyday.

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