Friday, February 20, 2009

Cinnamon is the Goodness

Cinnamon has got to be one of my most favorite spices. I use it in almost everything I bake and add it to chili and barbeque sauce. It has a depth of flavor that is unmatched especially when paired with nutmeg.

While Stumbling today, I ran across Cinnamon: A Wondrous Spice and was pleasantly surprised to find out some other benefits of cinnamon.
  1. Blood Sugar Level Control

    Cinnamon can actually have an enormous effect on your blood sugar levels. The reason for this is that it responds quickly to insulin and can help people who are diabetic. Research was done on groups of people in a clinic and almost all the people participating in the test had a reduction of their blood sugar level.
  2. Curing Colds

    When cinnamon is eaten along with honey it exhibits many health benefits. If a mixture of honey and cinnamon is administered to a person suffering from a cold they should be cured in three days. It can also cure stomach aches, toothaches, skin infections, cancer, bad breath, and hearing loss.
  3. Weight Loss

    Cinnamon and honey cleans your digestive system and removes some of the bad bacteria in your digestive system. This in turn lowers your ph level and helps you lose more weight.
  4. Prevents Blood from Clumping Together

    Cinnamon contains a substance called cinnaldehyde which prevents blood cells form clumping together.
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Anonymous said...

I love cinnamon. Cinnamon and honey remind me of the Yoruba goddess and healer OShun. Its also great when my son has tummy aches. Cinnamon simply lifts your spirits.

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