Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Thrifting!!!

A few months ago, I scored for $4.99 each, stone loaf pans by Pfaltzgraff. I think they retail for about $25 a piece. These pans bake beautiful loaves of yeasted breads and my banana nut, pumpkin and cranberry orange quick breads have such a lovely texture using these loaf pans.

Yesterday, for $5.99, a beautiful tea pot (with a built in) strainer made in Japan, The gentleman who was ringing me up said that two other folks had picked it up and then decided against buying it. I guess it was waiting for me!!

Happy thrifting indeed! :)


st. teresa lent me her halo said...

Jealous! :D Enjoy them.

ASHAKI said...

great thrifting indeed....give thanks I never get the good deals :-( lol

Anonymous said...

Lovely scores. I am really liking that tea pot. I scored a hardly used panini maker for $5 and a DVD/VCR machine for $ it was good thrifting up here as well.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Ooooh, that bread is making me hungry!

Newness of Life said...

wow those are some great finds! I recently expressed a desire to start baking my own bread. I have stopped buying it at the stores and opted for pita bread made by a local Greek market. At any rate, now I think I'll check out the thrift stores for some stonware and get started!

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