Thursday, July 9, 2009

TV in the Library?!?

Yup, at my local library, they have a television up front and center in the Children's Room.  On Tuesday, I took my children to the library and was surprised and disturbed by it.  They were showing a DVD called Teen Titans, a show I thought was inappropriate for the kids who were present (age 6 and below) but that wasn't most bothersome, of course.  It was the television that was!!

I've written a letter to the director that I'm going to send off tomorrow.  I actually feel like this director has been making a lot of positive changes and I feel like the library is headed in the right direction.  I just don't understand what a TV is doing in the Children's room if it is not being used in a specific and strategic way.  What kind of message does it send to the children when what is supposed to be the headquarters of reading and literacy has the TV going?  That books are not interesting enough on their own to entertain us?  Or that the powers that be don't believe in these kids' ability to read and enjoy reading?  

One of the good changes that the director has implemented is that there are now lots of programs.  I don't know how well the programs are attended or if they actually exist (as opposed to only being on paper) since I only go to the ones targeted at my kids' age group.  But on the calendar it seems like there's enough going on at the library where they wouldn't need to fill the empty spaces with TV.  I mean, the calendar doesn't seem any less full than the calendars of libraries in more affluent towns.  

Anyway, I am thinking of ways I could help to fill whatever gaps they are trying to fill with TV.  I don't think I'm particularly artistic or skilled in the arts except when it comes to crochet and knitting.  But they already have listed on the calendar two crochet classes:  one for teens and one for tweens.  I suppose I could propose a knitting class but all us crafters know that those who don't craft usually don't have the faintest idea that there is a difference.

What I'd really love to do is a beginning yoga type class for children but I'm hardly qualified to be teaching anyone yoga.  I've only been doing it 7 months and I haven't even had a formal class yet.  But that would be great and something that a lot of the kids in my town probably have not been exposed to before.  

In other news, I'm reading a collection of short stories entitled Drown by Junot Diaz.  I didn't realize until after I had read the third story that I had actually read three separate stories.  I just kept thinking, "Man, this is the most disjointed, crazy story I have ever read in my life."  LMBO . . . trying to do things with young kids is a trip.  Let's not even start talking about that sock I'm supposedly knitting!

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Smokie said...

As a person who loves the library (especially when I was a child), I find it appalling that a television was up and running! I looove the quiet of the library. the feeling that "we all love books in here!" My god, they can't take that away!!!

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