Thursday, September 24, 2009

I like to look at

What celeberities wear to award shows. I like the glamour and the creativity of many designers.

The most recent award show (I think) was the Emmy Awards. I happened upon this "Worst and Best Dressed List" from the ceremony. I agreed with them sometimes and other times I was left thinking, "Are they blind?" One glaring case . . .

So here number 25, Jenna Fisher. I liked the dress well-enough--thought she was well put together. They gave her a B+.

Scroll forward to my girl Chandra Wilson. I was like, "Whoa" She looked STUNNING. She picked a great dress for her body and her hair is tight. She's tastefully accessorized, makeup looks great. The grade? C-. They called the outfit "snooze worthy" even though it's almost the exact same dress Jenna Fisher was wearing style- wise except that Chandra's actually has more going on. Yet it's boring? They call her 'do disastrous. Really? Wow . . . it's a classic "Black woman" style that Chandra could maybe have pulled off with all her own hair (although there's probably weave for volume). I think it's pretty and well done--certainly not a mess and not the most basic of styles. Disastrous? Far from it.

Seems to me like there's something else going on here especially when you scroll to the next picture: Looks Like She Needs to Go Find Something to Eat Kristin Chenoweth, whose dress is just a whole bunch of sparkly things (looks kind of like crinkled up aluminum foil), who's wearing a ponytail, and whose makeup is, well, snooze worthy. She gets . . . an A from these folks. Please. With a Capital P.

I mean, we don't expect much from Hollywood as Black women but they could at least be fair. Chandra looked good and it should be by anyone's standards. Yes, she a plus size woman but she looks so well put-together. Not sloppy at all. Not a C-. Not on any planet or in any universe. I'm sure as an actress, she's used to the harshness in Hollywood. And I'm not saying that Chandra couldn't stand to shed a few pounds. But she made what she's got going on work in a fabulous way and to me, looked far better than Kristin Chenoweth who I think only got an A because she's rail thin and blond.

Am I being too sensitive? I don't think so . . . it was such a glaring disparity. And a huge nod to the prevailing beauty standards that do so much to damage the self-esteem of girls (Black and White) everywhere.

I'm also getting pretty tired of the whole "she looks good for her age" spiel. Like looking good has an expiration date or something. Like youthful looks are the only worthwhile looks. Huge eyeroll. I know some ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ladies who are done with their twenties, over their thirties, blazed through their 40s, sailed through their fifties and are still rocking in their sixties and seventies.

It's just a reminder that we have to be so vigilant about the toxic messages Hollywood sends to us and begin to formulate and adhere to our own standards of beauty.

**Sorry I couldn't post pictures directly into the post. I have not yet mastered adding pictures on this blog with a Mac.

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