Friday, September 25, 2009

Freecycle Scores, etc . . .

So it appears my diapering days are drawing to a close. As such, I am not trying to put out any more money to buy diapers. But in all honesty, my diapers are on their last leg. I mean, some of them are little more than shreds of fabric held together by my sheer will to make them last. Anyway, thanks to Freecycle, we have some new items to add to the rotation which will hopefully keep us afloat a little longer.

Eight Proraps Trainers

An assortment of inserts/doublers including one Hemparoos insert and two from Motherease (that's Z1's hand--he had to be in the picture even though when I ask him to sit for a picture, he usually scrunches up his face and pitches a fit or runs and hides--go figure)

Two Bummis Super Whisper Wraps

2 Medium Fuzzi Bunz (I'm looking forward to using these as all my Fuzzi Bunz need an additional cover)

I'm thrilled!

On another note, I haven't talked about emergency prep in a while now and while I'm no longer obsessing as I once was, I'm still keeping a close eye on my pantry and my emergency supplies. I realized that while I have our emergency supplies in my house, they are not in one centralized location, i.e. a bag. So I've identified a good bag, one that's not being used for anything, and this weekend I will consolidate all our emergency supplies including change of clothes.

On another note still, I found a wonderful children's book in the thrift store the other called The Wednesday Surprise.
I love when children's books paint pictures of ordinary, working class families. Families where people have to ride the bus and fathers are off at work for days and weeks at time. Where mom works too and grandma has to come babysit. Eve Bunting, one of my favorite children's authors who also penned another favorite of mine Flower Garden, has done it again with The Wednesday Surprise. It's highly recommended and while I don't think Z1 could fully appreciate the book at his age, I'm glad that we've added it to our collection.

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