Sunday, September 13, 2009

In stitches

Well, I done did it now . . . LoL.

This morning while cutting up carrots for our scrambled tofu breakfast, I sliced a piece of flesh off my left middle finger. It bled. Then bled some more. Then bled more. So off I went to the emergency room, ever so grateful for having health insurance. The wait was not too bad at all since it was early Saturday morning. I received three stitches from a cutie-pie doctor and one tetanus shot from a nice nurse. I imagine the bill will be about $800. Where in God's name would I get that money from without insurance?

My finger is throbbing!!! Ouch!

Gotta get the stitches removed in a week.

There's something to be said for mindfulness. And with a 20 month old screaming to be picked up, it's often hard to achieve. But what a lesson today! I have to try.

And I need to stop rushing. Sheesh.

How's that for a fun Saturday??


Smokie said...

So sorry about your finger. How'd you ever manage to type your post?

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Lots and lots and lots of backspacing! LoL.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

80sBaby70sSoul said...

Sorry about the finger :( My mom does that all the time! You probably didn't need the tetanus shot though. That mighta saved you on the $800!

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

I *know* I didn't need the tetanus as profusely as it was bleeding. I just didn't argue because of the pain! If I had to pay out of pocket, I would have definitely declined!

Nashe' said...

ouchie ! my mom does that all the time too ! feel better ..

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