Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why are their panties in a bunch now??

Is this the speech that some conservatives are all uptight, upset and in arms about? I don't keep up with the news and politics further than what I read on folks' blogs and wha interesting headlines my eyes happen to fall upon as I check e-mail and such. I couldn't miss all the racket conservatives and anti-Obama folks have been making over Obama having the gall to *gasp* give a back-to-school speech. The speech itself, is classic Obama style anyway, i.e., a pep-talk. A very well-written pep-talk. It's just not that serious.

The article I linked says, "Much of the brouhaha could have been avoided if 1) there were other news last week" So interesting . . . I guess the U.S. is the only place in the world and since "nothing was going on" here, nothing was going on anywhere. (((Sigh))). The silliness continues.

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