Thursday, October 8, 2009

A few reviews and a few realizations

Okay, so ever since the hubby signed up for Netflix, I've been able to do a few workouts (DVDs that stream over the internet). Here's my (quick) review of them.

Self: Slim and Sleek Fast!
I did this one today and really enjoyed it. It had a lot of ballet type moves in it so it was a very graceful workout. I sweated a good amount without really knowing it (i.e. I didn't suffer through the workout). The instructor cued well and it was about 30-35 minutes in length. If I had one complaint, I'd say it was a bit too repetitive. Otherwise, this one is perfect for days when I don't want to go all out but I still want to feel something.

Crunch: Boot Camp Training
I thought this one was a lot of fun too. Like Self: Slim and Sleek Fast!, it wasn't the most intense workout ever, but I did sweat enough to call it a workout. The moves were varied, the instructor was enthusiastic and I felt strong after. Another 30-35 minute offering.

10 Minute Solution: Carb Burner
Though the instructor reminded me of a soccer mom, this workout really got your blood pumping. I can see now that I am moving on to being intermediate to advanced in my fitness level so this one, again, was not as intense as I could have handled. Still, it was fun and because each workout is 10 minutes, it was easy to stay engaged.

Crunch: CardioSculpt
Also a lot of fun mainly because the moves were ones that I have never seen before. I love the British instructor (LoL) and I had a good time doing this workout. Again, again, again, not as intense as I could have handled but definitely one to keep in the rotation.

Crunch: Super Slim Down
This workout combines yoga and pilates. It was fun but really only makes sense to do on a super, super light day. I enjoyed it though and look forward to doing it again.

Right now, my most challenging workout DVD is Women's Health Train for Your Body Type. When I am through with this workout, I *know* I have worked out. And I love it.

Those are the reviews. What are the realizations?

First, exercise is not enough for me. I have to change my diet to lose the weight. I know that means cutting down on carbs and increasing my lean protein. I tried to do turkey slices, I really did . . . I can't. It grosses me out. I haven't tried chicken and I don't want any prepared chicken (i.e. chicken already cooked that you just buy). But the hubby will not tolerate all out meat cooking in the house (he is tolerating fish and tuna right now but is super anal about me washing the pots and spoons well). If I'm going to eat chicken and turkey, it would have to be stuff that I cook like chicken soup and things like that.

Secondly, I really enjoy exercising at home using DVDs. As such, things like P90X are looking rather appealing to me. I know P90X comes with a whole eating plan and such . . . I wonder if I could swing it.

I'm also really pleased at the fact that my arms and shoulders are looking so much more shapely and cut up. Under the extra weight I'm carrying, I feel lots of muscle tone which is freaking great.

Also, on the silly side, it really tickles me when I see the background exercise people on certain DVDs as the front people on their own DVDs . . . it's even funnier to me when I realize they use the same names. I don't know . . . I guess it fun to see that they have what it takes to *really* do the workout (especially if the background exercise person was doing the modified/easy versions) of the workout.

That's it for tonight. I'm tired. Tons of poopy diapers today. And Z2 did not nap. Not once. Good night.


Anonymous said...

great job! I'm getting back into exercise (to be fit, rather than to lose weight) and I found a great 10 minute cardio sculpting video on exercisetv that I do from time to time. It's hard to make up an excuse to NOT do a 10 minute workout.

I used to do the gym thing but am starting to prefer exercise at home...will check out some of these dvds you mention.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about a mostly raw diet after you are done breastfeeding?

Blogger said...

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