Friday, October 2, 2009

A while back I expressed how challenging it has been to actually work out since Z2 has been getting up earlier and/or at different, unpredictable times in the morning. It actually started to stress me out a lot. Instead of my "me time" in the morning , it became one huge race to squeeze everything in before Z2 wakes up. I was getting angry at him and even angrier at the situation. It became obvious that trying to get up earlier was counterproductive as I was struggling to stay motivated without the promise of a good chunk of time to myself. I was also struggling to get up at 5:00 (sometime 4:45) with no guarantee that I could get anything done (and also waking up quite tired despite 8+ hours of sleep). I realized that I needed a change when this past week, what should have been a routine cough turned into bronchitis that landed me in the emergency room. See, for me stress *always* translates into getting really sick and being really exhausted physically and psychologically. The issue is that I can be really stressed but have a difficult time acknowledged that until, unfortunately, I'm having difficult time breathing.

Anyway, a change of course is needed, of course. I thought about joining a gym or the YMCA but after pricing all that, it will seriously have to be a last resort unless I can find some kind of part-time income. Add to that the fact that my local YMCA is sorely lacking in classes and the gyms I can afford do not have yoga classes. If I'm going to leave the house to exercise, I really want it to be a one-stop deal. I mean, I know I can't afford yoga classes on top of the gym so it needs to be combined somehow. Yet gyms that do offer yoga are about $70+ a month which is for my financial situation, a nearly impossible reach.

While Z2's sleep in the morning is unpredictable, his sleep at night is. By 9:00, he is predictably out like a light and it takes much less time than
it used to to actually get him down. And so, Chi-Chi, the confirmed early riser/morning person, is going to try working out at night. My sister suggested it and while I was resistant to the idea at first, it actually makes good sense at this juncture.

I started to go to bed along with the boys for two reasons. First, I was generally exhausted at the end of the day and passed out with them while putting them to bed. I'd wake up at some obscene hour in the morning still in my clothes, disoriented and annoyed. So I started getting ready for bed with them and going to sleep at the same time they did which meant I would get up really early in the morning. Secondly, the hubby wanted time alone when he got home from work so I would try to give him his space. Nowadays, I'm not so winded at the end of the day and I don't have as much difficulty staying awake while putting the boys to bed. Also, the hubby doesn't get home till about 10:45. I'll be out of his way by that time.

I could work out from about 9:15-10:15 . . . a good solid hour which I know will not be interrupted. I would shower after and head off to bed. This may actually help me lose more weight (burn off dinner) and may lead to better sleep. I know that I have to have dinner over and done by 6:15 the latest so that I have at least 2 hours between when I ate and when I exercise. This might be a bit stressful too but I'm going to try. I'm excited to start and really hoping it works out. If it does indeed work out, I will invest in P90X (including the whole eating thing since I know I need to change my eating and was thinking about joining Weight Watchers for my birthday) because I will actually have the time to do it. It seems like this may be a whole lot less stressful.

Meanwhile, in the mornings I will still be hoping to get some quiet time to do my spiritual work although I don't mind (as much) having Z2 around while I'm doing that. I did this morning which helped me tremendously.

I don't know . . . the mornings have been so erratic since Z2 started this whole waking up whenever thing. I really want to get a handle on it. As it is now, it's 7:57 and Z2 is just waking up (which means Z1 and the hubby are just now waking up too). I can't plan a thing (including getting Z1's academics in). I know the fact that the hubby works late makes mornings difficult but I still need some kind of routine and predictability. So a lot is riding on changing my workout from morning till evening.

The hubby says the solution to all of this is to wean. But I'm not quite ready yet and neither is Z2.


Smokie said...

Sounds like a good solution, although the experts don't advise exercising right before sleep. Funny thing, exercise actually awakens you...

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the solution that works for you. I need to find a way to get some exercise back into my life.

I don't know what the yoga studios are like in your area but if there's one that you like but can't afford, see if you can barter with them. Sometimes a studio will trade classes for a student's services. I used to work at a studio that did that from time to time. You could barter some admin work or even your crochet services. If the studio is community-oriented they might be willing to host a knitting/crochet class or circle. Of course, this only works if you have reasonable daycare options.

Dee said...

Good luck with your plan! Where we lived before was horrible as far as affordable gyms with childcare and classes I liked, so I know how you feel. We are really fortunate to have a great Y now...though I haven't gone regularly since I started working. (I'm going back after the baby, I swear!)

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Smokie, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep. But it was fine. I hope it stays that way!

NGB . . . yeah, trying to find time to workout with a child is such a challenge . . .sheesh! That's good to know about studios . . . I have one nearby that I may ask to see if we can work something out. I really would love to take formal classes.

Dee . . . it's such a bummer that our local YMCA doesn't have better stuff going on. Thanks for the well wishes!! And I know you will get back in to working out once she's here! : )

Bientôt Maman said...

How are the evening workouts going Chi-Chi? Oh and I am about to finish my second week of P90X and I LOVE it. Just a warning though, it's very intense. I did Chalean Extreme before starting P90x and I think it prepared me well.

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

BientotMama, evening workouts are going well so far. I can't complain. I'm actually enjoying the solitude and stillness of the night. I will take your advice and do Chalean Extreme before doing P90X. I realize I *really* enjoy working out at home. :)

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