Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FO: Hot Water Bottle Cozy

A quick and easy project. This hot water bottle cozy only took me 3 days to complete and it would have been shorter except I frogged it once because I wasn't following the pattern and my stitch count was way off. The design is clever--it's crocheted in one piece then folded over and stitched together. I added a button not because it really needed it but because I thought it was a nice touch. I added crab stitch all around because that's my favorite way to finish off crochet pieces.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the project. I used up some yarn that was just sitting in my stash and for which I couldn't think of any specific project. The yarn is variegated and therefore tends to be a bit busy for larger projects but lends itself well to such a small project.

I feel like completing it so quickly has added fuel to my crafting fire! I'm ready to move on to my Sideways Grande hat but I'm debating whether I should churn out another XL soaker before I do that.

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