Friday, July 16, 2010

I will freely admit . . .

This post comes about after reading two articles:  "I am a Radical Homemaker failure" and "Just Not Made that Way" (by one of my favorite writers on the topic of sustainable living).

Recently, my days have been filled with taking the kids here and there to keep them busy.  It seems that if we stay at home, Z1 only wants to watch shows or play games on the computer (which are one and the same to me, quite honestly).  I've been barely keeping up with my homemaking, keeping the house clean by skin of my teeth and cooking multiple meals at one time.  It's kind of a crazy pace I've been keeping but it's summer and the warm weather only lasts so long.

So a few days ago, I realized that my emergency preparation/self-sufficiency efforts have gone to the wayside quite a bit.  I'm still making yogurt, yes, but not bread.  I've been taking some shortcuts just because I'm so busy.  I'm not pleased about this and I'm sure that once winter comes around again, I will probably pick up the pace.  But I can't shake a feeling of being overwhelmed by all the goals I would like to achieve like having a vigorous and productive garden--enough to try my hand at canning.  Heck, I haven't even made it to ONE farmer's market yet mainly because there are none close by and they are all out of the way or on days where it's difficult for me to get to them.  This is making me sad to some extent but I have to just put things in perspective.  I *know* that when it's cold, I'll be home more to do more but this is the time that I need to be working hard.  I mean, I know I am working hard but not at self-sufficiency things and that worries me.

I know that as the times become more difficult, out of necessity, most likely everyone will buckle down and do the things they need to do to sustain themselves.  I think that we may be able to develop a community of sorts based up sustaining ourselves.  Or at least I hope.  I know that for me, I sometimes need a little pressure to get myself moving--and I can't think of a better motivator to do certain things like gardening (for real) and canning, than the possibility that we wouldn't be able to eat without them.  But who wants to really get good at these thing when it's a matter or life and death?  I hope I can motivate myself right now when making mistakes does not mean a sure death.  Any ideas?

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Blackgirlinmaine said...

I'm with you! On the other hand as a WOHM, I have never tried to claim status as a homemaker, I am just a gal though who does like to cook and keep my house relatively clean. I am going to be honest and say that I think there are some cultural differences that keep most WOC from running hard and fast towards being homemakers. I will try to blog about it soon.

Honestly with 2 little boys, you have your hands full and all you can do is the best you can. I suspect you are dealing with a lot of this excessive heat that I am, that alone makes this stuff hard. Just keep doing what you are doing and it will be fine.

Like you I find the cold weather tends to stir my inner domestic Goddess. My girl is just like Z1, if home we battle the urge for way too much screen time and I'd rather be out and about. I find if I am in the kitchen, her interest in helping lasts about 5 mins and personally I would rather engage with her.

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