Sunday, September 12, 2010

i am him and he is me

two evenings ago
i suddenly realized
that i am him and he is me.
dealing with him . . . so incredibly difficult at times. 
i would like to scream
i would like to hit
damn it.
but i control myself
so he can learn self-control. 
and i'm better able to control myself
because of the acknowledgment
that i am him and he is me

i am working on me
teaching him to work on him
because he is working on me too
he is my karma
i am his karma
our karmic interconnectedness
transcends the eras
and extends across the universes
my love for him
tested to the point of frustration
but unparalleled

the way i have learned to love me
gives me direction as to how to love him
after all, he is a part of me
in the most basic and primal of ways

and just as i fully embrace this thought, this clear and precise thought
he looks me in the eye and says an emphatic, defiant

digging deep into the depths of my divine understanding and know-how
i wonder
what the hell did i get myself into?
and what the hell am i to do next?


Dana said...

I really liked the poem. You can feel it fits everything in ones life.

Youngbergs said...

Hi Original Wombman. I just found your blog and read your poem. It is very well done. I have a little girl who is almost three and you put my feelings into words. Thank you for sharing it.

FiYah said...

Greetings Sis:

Beautiful Poem. I couldn't, however, figure if your talking about your husband or child?

The Original Wombman said...

Dana, thanks. Youngbergs, our children can be our greatest joy but also our greatest challenge

Fiya, I was at my wit's end with Z1 and it just suddenly hit me that I was looking at a reflection of myself. All the things that were driving me nuts are the things I do. The ways I function.

The hubby is like my polar opposite! Which is good in so many ways.

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