Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Shaky Tooth

Yesterday, Z1 showed me that one of his bottom teeth is shaky.  He's super excited about it and is telling anyone and everyone who will hear that he's about to lose his first tooth.  He is looking forward to the "tooth fairy" (who he knows is us, his parents) leaving him something in place of his lost tooth.  

I've been dreading the day my kids started to lose their teeth.  I'm a little vain in that I worry about the crazy, snaggedly way kids teeth look when they start growing back in--great big adult teeth (growing every which way sometimes) mixed in with tiny baby teeth.  But more so, I worry about it because of my experience.  I had really great teeth up until I started to lose them and they began to come back in.  There were multiple excruciating tooth extractions and other painful tooth processes (trying to move teeth that had grown too close to each other).  And for a long time, my teeth looked straight up crazy.   I refused to smile to wide. They eventually straightened out to a decent degree (without braces) but I still have some crowding in some areas about which I remain self-conscious.

I'm hoping that since my kids eat a vastly different diet than I did, one rich in whole grains and low in simple sugars, they will have better luck in the dental department.  I'm still nervous though.  One thing is for sure: if they need braces, they will get braces.  I know my parents probably didn't have the money for them so I don't blame them necessarily.  But they both have perfectly straight, white teeth naturally.  And my mom is good for saying, "All my children had nice teeth when they were little" . . .  not so much now, I suppose.  But whatever, if I have to do a payment plan or something, I'll do it to make sure my kids won't have to worry about jacked up teeth (in addition to the myriad of other things they'll have to worry about in the future).


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

My question is what are you gonna do with the teeth? When I turned 20, my mother unceremoniously gave them back to me.

Sean Butcher said...

When I was a kid, I used to put my lost tooth on my tooth fairy box but I don't know where my box is now since it has been decades since I last saw it. Well anyways, your child seemed so brave about his shaky tooth huh? Not all kids in the world can be as brave as your child is. And we must always give importance to our dentists (Myrtle Beach) because they do take care of our teeth. In my hometown of Myrtle Beach, dentists are so friendly and they are loved by the kids because they are so great in giving dental advices to them.

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