Wednesday, October 6, 2010

According to my scale . . .

I'm losing weight.  I dropped a pound at each of my last two weigh-ins.  I am still trying to find the  right balance so that I won't continue to lose weight.  I think I'm thin enough and actually I feel a little too thin and light.  I kind of miss my substance.

So this week, I'm trying to up how much I eat since I do not want to reduce how much I workout.  And let me tell you, it's the funniest thing.

I've got my points set to 29 a day.  Obviously I need to eat more than that daily to stay at my current weight so I'm eating all my weekly points plus I will try to eat some of the exercise points.  The thing is, I am not hungry.  29 points (plus 2 points or so daily) is really enough for me to feel full and satisfied.  And so what's happening is that I feel stuffed after meals--and I do not like that feeling.  Also, I am having a hard time (psychologically) going over my points.  Like today I will have used 15 of my weekly points and I almost can't stand to look at my tracker.  One part of me insists that I will get to a point where my body will refuse to lose any more weight so I can just keep doing what I've been doing.  Another part of me fears that I will just waste away if I don't eat more.  Sounds a little . . . unhealthy to me. 

Okay, I know I have control issues and all that.  And Weight Watchers plays into that wonderfully since I now can (meticulously) control what I eat.  It's all there.  Tracked.  And printable.  It's become a part of my life, tracking and I'm starting to think it might be healthier for me to stop tracking for a while and maybe get back in tune with what my body wants to do.  However, I have a nagging fear that my body will simply pack the pounds back on.

Meanwhile, I'm still dealing with terrible intestinal issues.  I'll be getting tested in two weeks for gluten intolerance/celiac disease but sometimes, the tests miss it.  I hope my tests don't.  I'd really like to know for sure before I dive head-first into the (still somewhat daunting) world of gluten free living. 

Anyway, my next weigh in is on Sunday.  Here's to hoping that my weight will have at least stayed stable. 


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

>>I think I'm thin enough and actually I feel a little too thin and light. <<

What's that like? I have never been thin. I was even a fat baby. Must be nice to have to eat....

Why not eat and go right to sleep? That seems to keep me plump.

alice said...

Good luck with the test! And I'm glad that my super-long comment the other day was helpful - I really can't imagine what dealing with celiac, etc. was like pre-internet.

I'll cross my fingers for you being able to get *decisive* results - hopefully something a bit more approachable than full-on celiac, but something you can start moving forward on to feel better!

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