Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm officially homeschooling!

This is Z1's kindergarten year and it certainly feels different than last year.  First of all, he seems so much mature this year.  I'm always pleasantly surprised with his insights and level of understanding.  Also, you'd be hard-pressed to find any five year olds out and about during the early day: most are in school.  But that's okay even though I was worried earlier that it would pose a problem. 

We wake up in the morning, bathe, have breakfast and then after breakfast we do about an hour of "school" which really just means that we gather around the table to do some focused work on reading, math, handwriting.  Science and social studies sometimes happen at the table but mostly, they happen at the computer (watching DVDs or videos online about science topics we're interested in) or as we're out an about living life (social studies).  Just recently, we wrote and sent a letter off to Z1's grandparents to learn how the mail system works. 

We mainly go out in the afternoons--when the kids are getting out of school!  So I've been happy to find some playgrounds where there are kids Z1's age playing.  Of course, it never seems to be the same kids but at least.  And I've also discovered that recently, Z1 and Z2 play wonderfully without a single fight at the playground.

So we're getting into a good rhythm with things.  I'm learning what I like and what I don't like.  Trying out curricula.  Deciding that I definitely don't need a curriculum for certain subjects.  And generally gaining confidence daily. 

I'm still troubleshooting the socializing aspect but honestly, Z1 doesn't seem bothered at all now that we are busy.  I am still struggling with a sense of isolation/loneliness but I am determined to overcome that. 

So I'm officially homeschooling and so far, so good!  You know one of the  (simple) things that thrills me about this?  That I don't have to wake Z1 up at any particular time every day.  He sleeps till he's ready to get up (usually not past 8)--and wakes up well-rested and ready to tackle the day. 
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