Monday, December 27, 2010

What's Your Style?

This question always throws me for a loop.  Right now, I don't think I really have a style.  My goal most days is to look neat.  When I go to work, I want to look professional enough to be taken seriously.  I don't have any pieces in my wardrobe that I would say point to my personal style.  I had a style at one point.  It was kind of an Earth-mother, natural sista style complete with head wrap and long, flowing skirt.  I liked to wear buttons a lot too . . .  

But as I got older, had children, started to conceive of God in a different way, gave up the fight to grow locks, settled into the job of at-home mom, I became a lot more conservative about the way I dress and accessorize.  And I realized that I have always been on the more conservative side--even when I was rocking the Earth-mother style.  I never rocked huge ankh rings or other really obvious jewelry or clothing.  I'd wear a daishiki or other African-inspired print but usually just as accents.  I kind of always just wanted to blend in and not call attention to myself.  I think most people who are fashionable do so because they're comfortable being the center or attention.  I'm just not.

It's just funny that I considered myself a radical person for so long but now that I think about it, I've always been more conservative in my  dress and in my way of being.  It's just so funny when one realizes that they're just not as revolutionary as they suppose.  Or else they would have just done the dang thing already . . .

No real point to this post.  Just kind of rambling.  It was inspired by this jewelry that a sistren of mine introduced me to.  Very beautiful but I can't imagine wearing anything other than a ring to a very special occasion.  I like the fact that the jewelry is made from healing/energetic stones.  More than likely, knowing me, I'd purchase a stone with a certain quality but wear it inside where no one could see it.  Although I'd like to think I am hip enough to wear some of the other pieces comfortably and confidently, it just ain't so.  

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Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I'm still an "Hippy Peace Peace Chick." B.U.T..... I do have a job and cannot express my full hippiness.

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