Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arts and Crafts

So, I am not the biggest arts and crafts person.  Sure, I like to knit and crochet but when it comes to crafts with my babies, I'm not the most creative or the most motivated.  But there are a few projects that have piqued my interest and that I think the kids will enjoy:

1.  Rubbing Plates
We've done rubbings with leaves before so it's not a totally new concept. I purchased this set and I'm pleased with the quality and how nicely the rubbings come out.  You need to use printer paper though: the pictures didn't come out quite as well using construction paper.  And the rubbings look quite professional if you use colored pencils and not crayons.

2.  Loom and Cotton Loops set
I did this at day camp as a child and I remember being so thrilled to have made something that was actually useful.  I think this activity will also help build fine motor skills.  I hope to get a basic set like the one pictured.

3. Candle Rolling
I actually bought a candle rolling kit last year and so I'm looking forward to finally getting around to it.  I think the kids are a bit more mature and this might be more fun than disaster this year.  

I still don't see myself committing to many more art projects but I'm glad to have a few lined up.  

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Magda said...

Wool felting is super fun, either wet or dry.

Finger knitting is good for dexterity and you can make interesting things from the ropes.

All the arts and crafts that involve finger dexterity create neural pathways.

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