Sunday, September 4, 2011

There is a lot going on in the kitchen on Sunday mornings!

I spend quite a bit of my time (and money) on food.  The hubby is vegan and the kids and I are making the transition to a low-grain/paleo diet so I am often in the kitchen cooking especially since 99% of all our meals, I make.  Anyway, I've been cooking lots of different things from Everyday Paleo and so far, I'm very pleased with everything I've tried! Yesterday was my first attempt at paleo-style cookies.  I made Nutty Cookies.  The only substitution I made was a cup of applesauce for one banana.  I also added a couple of chocolate chips (seriously, like 2 tablespoons because that's all we had left).  

They came out fabulously.  Very delicious.  The kids gobbled them up.  I realize these are a great snack since they have no refined sugar in them at all.  And the kids really regarded them as a treat!  

Sunday mornings, I usually do pancakes.  When I realized wheat bothered me (and Z2 is also very sensitive), I started to make oat waffles.  As I transition away from grains, I've been experimenting with more paleo style pancakes.  Last week, I made the ones from Everyday Paleo but the kids didn't like them and they were far too dense for me.  Today, I tried this recipe for paleo-style pancakes and I thought they were awesome.  And hours later, I'm still feeling satiated (not so with eating oat waffles--unless I have two whole ones, I'm sure to be hungry again soon.  So I think these pancakes are the ones I'll stick with even though Z2 didn't like them and ate oat waffles (Z1 at least gave them a shot but he ended up eating regular wheat pancakes).  Anyway, this is what our breakfast spread typically looks like:
Those are the paleo pancakes on the far left.  You can see the oat waffles and to the far right are the wheat pancakes.  

Here are Applegate Farms breakfast sausages (sage flavor) for the kids and I and soy chicken nuggets for the hubby.  I also brewed a pot of Ethiopian coffee for the hubby and I to share.  There is a lot going on in the kitchen on Sunday mornings!

Usually, I do all this cooking after a long run.  Last week, I did 10 miles.  After breakfast, I feel utterly exhausted.  But I'm running a 10K race tomorrow and decided to take it easy today:  I just did an hour of yoga.  I feel really good and not tired at all.  So I'm thinking about changing the day I run to Saturday so I can relax on Sunday.  

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you what our Sunday mornings look like in terms of cooking.  

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality pictures.  Our camera is about to die.  


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