Friday, March 23, 2012

Latest Projects

The brown hat is the Brattleboro Hat.  I found the buttons at a local fabric store. They were only 50 cents a piece!  The red hat is the Urban Shells Beanie and it is tiny!  I really liked the pattern though.  Both hats were projects to use up scrap yarn.  

The shawl is Carol's Clever Little Shawl.  It was a very pleasant knit although I don't think it's my style anymore.  It's very warm and cozy though.  

The scarf is the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf.  That was a very pleasant knit as well.  I enjoyed knitting it very much.  Although by the time I finished it, it was no longer winter since spring decided to come early.  I look forward to using it next winter though.

The shawl and the scarf were knit using Paton's Classic Wool yarn that I got at Michael's. It seems like Michael's is no longer carrying it though which is a bummer.  It was a really nice convenience to just go down the road and get a good quality, natural fiber yarn.  

There's one more hat that I just finished but I haven't photographed yet.  It was another stash-busting project and I should have a picture soon.  I've got my next two projects lined up already.  I ordered yarn from KnitPicks for those.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to use a couple of ounces of wool/acrylic blend yarn I have to make some kind of newborn size sweater.  It won't be for my baby since he/she will be a summer baby but it'll be a nice thing to have on hand for any winter babies that will be born.  

Keeping my fingers busy has been good for me lately.  I like the feeling of productivity so I'm keeping the projects small-ish.  

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