Friday, March 23, 2012

Revenge of the Bridesmaids

I am having one of my insomnia bouts due to my digestive health.  Always fun.  

I ended up watching a move that's streaming on Netflix called Revenge of the Bridesmaids starring Raven SymonÉ.  It got pretty good ratings and I figured it would be something light and funny to take my mind off how I'm feeling.  

It was . . . not funny.  I guess I'm older now and it takes a lot to make me laugh.  The humor has got to be intelligent.  It can't take the easy route and go for the cheap laugh.  Especially when the cheap laugh is at the expense of Black women.

Ms. Symone is a beautiful woman--just lovely.  I respect how long she's been able to stay relevant in the entertainment game.  And I know that she is the one who makes decisions about the roles she takes.  I hate that she decided to take this role in Revenge of the Bridesmaids.  The role is, basically, sarcastic, sassy, trouble-making Black woman.  Manless to boot because she is all those things and **gasp** is not rail thin.  She is the butt of insults throughout the movie.  While the other characters have and are deserving of love interests, she is not.  All she is good for is supporting others in their love interests by making a fool of herself.  

I guess this is a role Ms. Symone always plays, i.e. the sassy, bumbling clown and I shouldn't be offended.  Well, I'm not really offended.  Just kind of disappointed because I believe she could do and be better if she wanted to. 

But after all, it was an ABC Family movie.  Not that deep.  But, you know, as a Black woman you just get tired of the same old tropes being trotted out over and over and over again.  Whatever.  

A documentary about Barbara Jordan is soon to be released.  I'm excited about it. We desperately need alternative, positive images of Black women.   

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