Friday, September 21, 2012


The plastic lid to one of my Pyrex storage bowls broke.  I ordered a new one:
All that packaging for one little lid.

Since I'm home baby-mooning, I've been ordering things I need online as opposed to going out and picking them up myself.  I've just been struck lately by over-packaging.  I notice just how much extra some companies include in the packaging.  Unnecessary and wasteful.  So over the top sometimes that it actually makes me chuckle at the ridiculousness.  I hope they have some good logic for it because it just seems senseless to me.

One redeeming aspect though: this particular company from which I ordered the replacement lid has excellent customer service.  I initially ordered the incorrect lid (the lid for the mixing bowl and not the storage bowl) and they replaced it for me free of charge.

But really, one bubble mailer would have sufficed to ship this.

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