Tuesday, May 13, 2008

His Favorite Dish

My hubby's that is . . .
It is black eyed peas with red stew and plantain. It is one of the few Nigerian dishes that I've been able to "veganize". I had one very ripe plantain left over from the Jamaican Yuca Shepherd's pie I blogged about a week or so ago so I decided to make this dish.

It was so strange. I was posting to one of my message boards and came across a food blog called
Nyam, which is fabulous, by the way. From there, I found a slideshow of foods from the Diaspora and one of the pictures included in the slideshow was Plantain and redred from Ghana. First of all, I didn't even know that Ghanaians and Nigerians enjoyed this dish in common. Secondly, it was so uncanny: I regularly make this dish and I own the same plate--a Corelle dish with the exact same pattern. When I showed my niece and hubby, they thought it was my picture. But it's not (you can see chunks of fish in the beans and I don't generally mix my red stew into the beans and I cut my plaintains thinly). It was still a trip!


Anaylli said...

Wow, it really does look like the same photo, lol! That's too funny!
Also, thanks for the link-love :o)

anthia said...

Now you've made me want some 'red red' I was just dreaming of some Ghanaian food. I guess it's a trip to the Ghana shop tomorrow.

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