Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Filtering Water

So two years ago when I went back to work, one of my foremost goals was to get a water filter. While the water in my town is pretty good it still smells like chlorine, I worry about lead in the pipes and fluoride (which I believe is not to be ingested) and I hate the way the water tastes. I wanted something that was pretty comprehensive in terms of what it removed from the water and had settled on a reverse osmosis filter from Multi Pure. Well, that job pretty much took over my life and for the few months I worked it, I didn't do anything beside work so I forgot about the water filter and we've been using bottled water--drinking almost a bottle a day. I remember learning a while back that bottled water may only be nominally better than regular old tap water not to mention the amount of waste that accumulates from water bottles (although we do recycle them).

There are issues with the reverse osmosis (RO) system though. The first issue is logistic. We have an old enameled cast iron sink. We'd have to hire someone to drill a hole so that we could install the RO system. Another issue is that since our kitchen is quite old, the pipes underneath the sink are leaky. It's a bit crazy under there. Stuff is held together with putty and ropes and stuff. I'm not sure how an RO system would fare under there. Furthermore, in another couple of years, we'd like to redo the whole kitchen. At that time, we could have the RO system installed. The second issue is that RO systems remove all minerals from the water (including the mineral I want removed: fluoride). I believe we need some of these trace minerals. One way to take care of that problem is to buy trace minerals and add it to the water or take it just like you would any other supplement. I *hate* taking supplements and I would just loathe having yet another supplement to take but I guess it wouldn't be too hard to filter a pitcher of water and add the minerals to them.

So in the meanwhile, I think we will just go ahead an get a Multi Pure on-the-counter filter. I've done the research and Multi-Pure is a stand up company who I feel very comfortable buying from. We will recoup the cost of the filter in less than a year (since we drink about 1 bottle of water daily). To the hubby, this is an exciting prospect and it makes purchasing it very sensible all-around. In 7-year's time, when we go to renovate the kitchen, I will get the RO unit and the on-the-counter unit will have (hopefully) served us well.

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St Theresa lent me her halo said...

Well, I guess you really wouldn't like steam distillers, then. I understand about the minerals, but I have no problem taking supplements. I loooooove distilled water. It tastes almost sweet to me.

Right now, I'm using Pur. As long as the water is cold, I can drink it. I generally prefer my water at room-temp., tho. I'll be buying another steam distiller soon.

Good luck with your filtration hunt!

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