Sunday, September 7, 2008


So I was looking at some other homemaking blogs and there's this recurrent theme about household management binders and while it seems like a great idea, I don't think it would work all too well for me.

Most of these binders have some kind of calender where important appointments/dates are kept. I keep mine using Google Calender. I love getting e-mail reminders and I love not having a whole lot of paper around. Oh and I prefer typing, hands down. I type exponentially faster than I write by hand.

Most of these binders have some kind of cleaning schedule. My cleaning schedule is posted on the fridge.
Tuesday--Change and launder all bedding
Wednesday--Clean all appliances
Thursday--Vacuum and organize kids' bookshelf, toy box and drawers
Friday--Clean Bathroom
Saturday--Change and launder all towels, cloth napkins, place mats, etc
Friday--Thoroughly clean stove and cabinets
Every day, however I do light clean-up in the kitchen. I wipe the stove and the counters down and I never go to sleep without having cleaned the sink and swept the floor and set the table for breakfast the next day (correctly setting the table requires that I also plan for the next day's breakfast)
I wash laundry (including diapers) every 2-3 days. I try to fold and put away laundry the same day I wash it. I cannot stand for clean laundry to sit around.
I pick up the children's toys and and anything out of place nightly before I get the kids ready for bed. I try to make the house look neat and tidy before I go to bed. I also lay out the children's clothes for the next day the night before.
I make up the beds every morning after opening the curtains/blinds and windows to air the house.
All this in addition to trying to get Z1 and Z2 out to the playground, library or other activity in the morning right after breakfast.

Most of these binders have some kind of master shopping list but I tried that and I think it's easier for me just to jot down the things I need at the market in my little "pocketbook notebook". I go to the market so often for fresh fruits and vegetables that I rarely have a long list of things I need to pick up. So the master shopping list just didn't seem to make much sense for me.

I do have a Household Management Notebook where I keep a list of meals which I encourage DH to choose from. I don't plan meals all that far in advance. I have a very well-stocked pantry: lots of dried beans, canned tomatoes, pastas, rice, quinoa and other grains. I have a very well-stocked freezer: tofu, frozen vegetables, fruits, frozen coconut milk, tomato paste, etc . . . so since I am really trying to stick to the green smoothies and have to be to the grocery store every 2-3 days minimum, I don't really have to think that far in advance when it comes to meal planning. Anyway, in my Household Management Notebook I have some recipes , tips for doing certain things, ideas on improving other things but it is generally severely under-utilized.

I realized, I guess, that I just keep most things in my head and what I can't keep in my head, I keep on my Google Calendar or posted on my fridge. It's working so far. I figure that by the time the kids get to be old enough where we are juggling activities, I should be balling somewhat enough to go on ahead and get a Blackberry (even if I have to put it on lay-away). ;)

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Kristen's Raw said...

I love green smoothies, just enjoyed one myself a moment ago.

I'm so glad I found your intriguing blog. Can't wait to read more :)

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