Monday, September 22, 2008

Spending Way Too Much on Groceries

So for some reason, this month's grocery bill is significantly larger than the last few months. Well, actually, I do know the reasons. Firstly, I've been going to Whole Paycheck more often than I really should be out of convenience since the Farmer's Market and Whole Paycheck are in the same town. I'd generally hit up the Farmer's Market, swing around and go to Whole Paycheck since it's nearby. I spend on average about 30% more, I would say, at Whole Foods than at any other grocery store. Granted, they have some of the specialty items I need for vegan baking and cooking but honestly, I can make one trip a month to get all the specialty items I need and leave it at that. That's what I was doing and somehow, I fell off the bandwagon. Secondly, I've been committed to drinking the green smoothies and I've been trying to do organic greens and fruits. This has proven to be quite costly. So I found this list (actually, I've known about this list for a while and just remembered about it when I tabulated this month's grocery costs) which basically gives a breakdown of the foods that are most and least heavily sprayed. Looks like I can stop buying organic bananas and onions (which I use a lot). I'm going to print out this list and put it in my wallet.

I started keeping track of the grocery spending back in May and slacked off over the summer. It was really surprising to see how much I've spent in September alone (I kind of knew it would be a bit exorbitant just from the receipts I have in my wallet). So now, I'm trying to get the spending on groceries in some kind of control and stick to a budget. It's true that we rarely eat out so the grocery bill will be kind of high in comparison to some of my friend's and family's bills. But it doesn't have to be crazy.


Anonymous said...

Groceries are just plain old high these days. I try to buy local moreso than buying organic, since I don't think all organics are created equal. A 100% organic diet will have you in the poor house quick fast and in a hurry.

Before I started working and was just in home Mama mode, my grocery bill was crazy because I was always wanting to try a million different recipes.

Hope you can get things under control soon. =)

Chi-Chi said...


I have a bit of a conundrum in that if I go to nearby grocery stores, there are very few local fruits and veggies available to buy but a few more options for organic.

I just thought that one way to help get the grocery bill under control is to stick with the same rotation of food and maybe try something new once every other month or so.

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