Monday, October 6, 2008

A bust!

I've already spent $400 in groceries this month!! However, these are all things that are not perishable, i.e. things that will last in the freezer of pantry for a few weeks, months and even years. So I've increased the grocery budget to $500. That gives me $100 to play with for fruits and veggies at the local vegetable stand. That goes a long way there. I'd really, really like to at least stay below $500. I've been consistently skipping things that I used to like to get like spring rolls and cream cookies, soy ice cream, etc . . . and I am not trying any new recipes (therefore not buying things that I may or may not use again). I really miss trying new stuff but these times call for discipline and shaving off the fat.

In other news, I went to get Z2's passport picture taken and the guy who took it did it all wrong. So I'm going to another place tomorrow to get it done and we'll apply for the passport while we're out.

DH put up some new mailboxes outside. He did it in about 30 or so minutes. I just *love* that he is so handy. It is comforting to know that if the sh** hit the fan, he has skills that are marketable and useful. This is my single biggest wish for my sons (aside from them living fulfilled and happy lives)--that what they can do and what they know is universally and always relevant.

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foreverloyal said...

HA! I just posted something similar a few days ago.

Handy husbands are a real blessing.

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