Monday, December 8, 2008

Delicious Vegan Mac & Cheese

Yes. I used the words "delicious" "Vegan" and "mac & cheese" in the same phrase. I thought I'd never ever be able to do that. I can't tell you how many different vegan recipes I've tried for mac & cheese and they have all been terribly gross. Most use nutritional yeast. A lot of nutritional yeast. I can only tolerate the taste of nutritional yeast in very, very small quantities. Only then does it have a "cheesiness" to it. Anything more than a little, it tastes like, well, nutritional yeast! Anyway, I tried this recipe for Vegan Mac and Cheese for Thanksgiving. As soon as I tasted it, I knew, with a bit of tweaking, we had a winning dish. And it is indeed stellar. I tried the recipe for the second time tonight, doubling the "cheese sauce" and reducing the amount of bread crumbs that go one the top. And it was excellent. But for it being a tad too salty, I'd say it was perfect. And I am a very picky eater. Countless experimental dishes get left for the hubby to finish.

I'm still thinking of main dishes this could go with (we ate it solo tonight). I know barbecue tofu would be good but . . . which others? Anyway, I'm highly recommending this recipe and leaving ya'll some bootleg, "trying to hold Z2 while taking these" pictures of the dish. :lol


DeStouet said...

i'm thrilled to see you discovered a recipe that was tasty and satisfying. personally, i think my mac & cheese will always be vegan-free. LOL

seriously, my family can devour homemade mac & cheese in about three days.

Chi-Chi said...

LoL DeStouet . . . yeah, vegan mac & cheese will never compare to the dairy mac & cheese my mom used to make for special occasions. One of the few American dishes she made and we would inhale it! Yum. I totally believe that when you make it, it lasts for only three days. But, for are dairy free alternative, this recipe will surely do. :)

Afrikan Parenting said...

Looks yummy. I found a nice meltable vegan chedar cheese for vegan mac and cheese. I cant think of the brand. Comes in a sqaure block. I usually put non-dairy milk, veg.cheese, nutritional yeast,vegan margarine, cornstarch,and spices in a pan to melt. I then pour this over the macoroni and bake.

Anonymous said...

the picture you had with the scrambled tofu was served on a very nice looking serving tray..where can i get those- there absolutely lovely-
Keep the recipes coming,there inspiring.

Chi-Chi said...

Sounds good AP . . . we had burritos the other day and were just looking for some good, meltable vegan cheese.

Anonymous, the scrambled tofu was served in an empty calabash that my friend brought back from Jamaica. She said she got it from a dread on on the beach. It's the hubby's favorite bowl--he uses it every morning. Thanks for the word of encouragement! :)

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